Meet the Crew

The Minds Behind Spaceground

At Spaceground, we're a passionate team of innovators, creators, and crypto enthusiasts dedicated to revolutionizing the way you shop. Our diverse backgrounds and skills come together to create a powerful force driving the next wave of crypto-enabled retail. Meet the talented individuals behind our mission:

Picture of team member Elisabeth

Elisabeth Bangoura


Elisabeth Bangoura started building apps at the age of 11, and was the youngest Senior Engineer at Deutsche Bahn. As CEO/CTO of Spaceground, she leads the company's vision and strategy, leveraging her expertise in software development and blockchain technology to drive growth and innovation.

Picture of team member Henry

Henry Chen


Henry Chen is a highly experienced marketing professional with over a decade of experience in the tech industry. Henry consults for several unicorn startups, and is the owner of Cactus Marketing Inc, a full-stack tech marketing agency. Cactus Marketing clients raised a combined $500M in 2022. 

Picture of team member Todd

Todd Ji

Compliance & Legal

Todd is the Principal Lawyer at TDJ Law, and an avid crypto investor who combines his extensive legal training with knowledge of blockchain and decentralized finance to enable innovative crypto startups to seamlessly bridge the gap between traditional markets and the rapidly evolving world of digital assets.